About Us


Once upon a time, in the heart of Australia, a young woman named Sara had a passion for interior design. She loved creating beautiful, inviting spaces that made people feel at home. But she noticed that there was something missing in the market - high-quality, stylish rugs that would add the perfect finishing touch to any room. She wanted to create an online store that would offer a wide range of rugs in various colors, patterns, and sizes, inspired by the natural beauty of Australia. And so, she launched AURugs, The Original Australian AURugs.

Sara's ancestors were the cameleers who played a crucial role in the development of Australia's interior regions. They transported goods across the vast, arid landscape using camels, which were better adapted to the harsh conditions than horses or donkeys. Sara was proud of her heritage and wanted to honour her ancestors by incorporating their legacy into AURugs.

Sara had a clear vision for AURugs. She wanted to offer her customers something unique, something that would not only enhance their home decor but also reflect the beauty of the Australian landscape and pay homage to her ancestors. She knew that the right rug could transform a room, adding warmth, texture, and personality. She spent months researching the best rug manufacturers and carefully selecting the perfect rugs to sell on her website. She made sure that each rug was of the highest quality and would reflect the natural colors and textures of Australia.

As soon as AURugs launched, it quickly became popular among Australians who appreciated Sara's carefully curated collection of rugs and her exceptional customer service. People loved the unique designs and patterns, inspired by the Australian landscape and the legacy of the cameleers. They appreciated the high-quality materials that made the rugs durable and long-lasting.

Sara's dedication to quality and customer satisfaction was the driving force behind AURugs' success. She took pride in her business and was always looking for ways to improve it. She listened to her customers and worked hard to make sure that they were happy with their purchase. She knew that a satisfied customer was the key to a successful business.

As her business continued to grow, Sara knew that she needed to expand her operations to better serve her customers. She opened three warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to ensure that customers all over Australia could receive their rugs quickly and efficiently. The warehouses were strategically located to enable fast shipping to any part of the country. Sara made sure that each warehouse was stocked with the most popular rugs and had a dedicated team to handle shipping and customer service.

With each passing day, AURugs continued to grow in popularity across Australia. Sara's hard work and dedication had paid off. People appreciated her passion for design, her commitment to quality, and her homage to the cameleers. They knew that they could count on AURugs to provide them with the perfect rug for their home, while also celebrating Australia's history and heritage.

But Sara never lost sight of what was most important to her. She loved hearing from customers about how their new rug had transformed their home and how it had helped them create the perfect space for themselves and their families. She knew that she had created something truly special - a store that not only celebrated the natural beauty of Australia and the legacy of the cameleers but also helped people create beautiful, inviting spaces that they loved to call home.

And so, the story of AURugs continues. With a deep passion for design, a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, a tribute to her ancestors, and three strategically located warehouses, Sara knows that her business will continue to thrive and bring joy to Australians' lives for many years to come.